‘But calm, white calm, was born into a swan.” - Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth

I had the pleasure of meeting @shanesutton_art while he was finishing an incredible piece of art at Portobello, commissioned by the @dublincitycouncil. A gentleman who took time out to chat to me about the culture of street art. I was fascinated by how one man can paint such a large scale mural across the hoarding (picture shows only half of the full mural).   

@shanesutton_art is a multi faceted visual artist working with street and canvas art combined with a passion for creative technology for film editing, digital compositing and virtual reality. While his work has included a wide variety of media and themes, he is currently best known for his Spacer street art paintings. He has won numerous major awards in Ireland and abroad. Some of the brilliant art work like the Brendan Behan at Richmond Cottages, Summer Hill Spacer at Benburb Street and many other commissioned work, are the gems of the city. Check out his website www.shanesuttonart.com for more information.

Did you know the swan meaning and symbolism is closely linked with motherhood? They are also symbolic of love, devotion and partnership. This is likely because swans mate for many years, sometimes for life.

The expression of love is the swan’s care for her young. Swans are fiercely protective of their babies, and are phenomenal mothers. This makes the swan a symbol love in motherhood. The swan may also bare message of love and relationships. They pair for many years. Sometimes swan unions are sustained for a lifetime.

Swans speak to us about grace and beauty also can be incredIbly protective. This is symbolic of circling our wagons – protecting our family, friends and/or that which we hold very dear. 

Having the courage to protect what we love is a great lesson from the swan, and should not be overlooked. Regardless of how the swan may present herself as an elegant, proper creature. #muralart #muralartist #streetarteverywhere #dublinstreetartist #streetartphotography #keepthecitybeautiful #irishartist #streetartist #globalstreetart #createnotcontaminate #creatdonthate #dublincitycouncil #Portobello #supporttheart #staysafe 

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