Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly-Beach .The butterfly does not look back upon its caterpillar self, either fondly or wistfully; it simply flies on.- – Guillermo del Toro .
A caterpillar undergoes massive transformation, also known as – metamorphosis – a process that can sometimes last for up to 30 days! During this entire process, the caterpillar stays in a cocoon and at the end of it, emerges out as a beautiful butterfly.
It is this magical transformation that is inspiring in so many ways.
It teaches us that, change, even though it takes time and can be a little difficult in the beginning, can lead to beautiful results. It teaches us the value of freedom of being you without anyone’s hesitation and permission. When I ran, I felt like a butterfly that was free with its colourful wings. It helps us realize the value of growth, patience, perseverance, adaptation and faith. If you feel stifled in life and need a way to open yourself up again, rely on the butterfly for greater creativity, self-expression, and vitality. #iphonephotography #quarantinelife #within5km #staysafe #holdfirm #socialbutterfly #sunrise#beach #freedom #lovindublin #discoverdublin #dublinireland #tourismireland #lovinireland #createdontcontaminate #createdonthate #freedomtoexpress #pride#antiracism #justiceforgeorgefloyd #bekind #picturearemyown #besteuropepics #justforfun

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognise, accept, and celebrate those differences- Audre Lorde

Recently people of colour living in the town of Bray have been the target of racist hate speech graffiti. Local woman, @emeroneill14 who has been outspoken about racist abuse she received, started a group called @speak4racialjustice_ireland other people in her community, last May. ‘Bray for Love’ is their campaign to counteract the graffiti the town has been experiencing. Some of the graffiti has been targeted at Emer specifically, even appearing in her housing estate.
Despite this, she has never felt so supported by the people of Ireland, and by her community in particular, and they raised funds to commission @hollypereira_illustration , to paint a mural depicting people from all over the world on the side wall of the @theharbourbar ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 A print in A3 and A4 size available to buy in aid of Bray for Love Campaign  at @theharbourbar  #brayforlove #antiracism  #blacklivesmatter #community #peopleoftheworld #peopleofcolour  #createdonthate #supporteachother #muralartist #streetartwithpurpose #streetartwithmessage

‘But calm, white calm, was born into a swan.” - Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth

I had the pleasure of meeting @shanesutton_art while he was finishing an incredible piece of art at Portobello, commissioned by the @dublincitycouncil. A gentleman who took time out to chat to me about the culture of street art. I was fascinated by how one man can paint such a large scale mural across the hoarding (picture shows only half of the full mural).   

@shanesutton_art is a multi faceted visual artist working with street and canvas art combined with a passion for creative technology for film editing, digital compositing and virtual reality. While his work has included a wide variety of media and themes, he is currently best known for his Spacer street art paintings. He has won numerous major awards in Ireland and abroad. Some of the brilliant art work like the Brendan Behan at Richmond Cottages, Summer Hill Spacer at Benburb Street and many other commissioned work, are the gems of the city. Check out his website for more information.

Did you know the swan meaning and symbolism is closely linked with motherhood? They are also symbolic of love, devotion and partnership. This is likely because swans mate for many years, sometimes for life.

The expression of love is the swan’s care for her young. Swans are fiercely protective of their babies, and are phenomenal mothers. This makes the swan a symbol love in motherhood. The swan may also bare message of love and relationships. They pair for many years. Sometimes swan unions are sustained for a lifetime.

Swans speak to us about grace and beauty also can be incredIbly protective. This is symbolic of circling our wagons – protecting our family, friends and/or that which we hold very dear. 

Having the courage to protect what we love is a great lesson from the swan, and should not be overlooked. Regardless of how the swan may present herself as an elegant, proper creature. #muralart #muralartist #streetarteverywhere #dublinstreetartist #streetartphotography #keepthecitybeautiful #irishartist #streetartist #globalstreetart #createnotcontaminate #creatdonthate #dublincitycouncil #Portobello #supporttheart #staysafe 

Green Therapy

Gardens can aid in physical, mental and emotional healing in many ways. When we’re wounded in body, mind or spirit, we’re often drawn to the natural world as a place to heal. For some, it’s a walk in the woods or along the shore. For many of us, a garden is our place of healing. Studies have found evidence that being in green, or even being able to look out on a green landscape, is linked with less anxiety and depression, better stress management and many other positive effects. There’s something about feeling the life all around you. When you enter a garden time tends to slow down. Your mind and body relax as you step away from the daily bustle, and you can connect with your spirit. Gardens invite us to drop the constant ‘doing’ and allow ourselves to just be. One of my favourite formal garden in the city is at the @rhk_venue stunning garden well maintained calming and peaceful. So take time deliberately to step away from activity and experience what’s around you.#sundaystroll#greentheraphy#citygarden#formalgarden#greengarden #royalhospitalkilmainham#discoverdublin#mindfulness#calm#peace#landscapephotography#thebrightsideoflife #bekind #makesomeonesmile #lightattheendoftunnel #createnotcontaminate #creatdonthate #staysafe

Those who don’t jump will never fly - Leena Ahmad Almashat

FEISTY- A brilliant mural by the genius of @signsofpower for IWD2021 part of the women artists and friends @minawcollective out in force painting some incredible work at the Grand Canal Dock

Feisty is a word for someone who is touchy or quarrelsome. If you’re huffy or thin-skinned, you’re feisty. Feisty people often seem to be itching for a fight. On the other hand, this has a more positive meaning. It can describe a person who is showing courage, determination, lively and good spirited. #humpday #feisty #jumpforjoy #reachforthesky #dublinstreetart #supportingwomenartists #muralartist #globalstreetart #colours #dowhatliftsyou #coloursbrightensyouspirit #staysafe#soonbeover #lockdownhobby #createdonthate

Staying on my own lane

I just stay in my own lane and not worry about what anyone else is doing and settling my own pace. Roddy Ricch

The marshy patch of ground that Herbert Park currently stands on was previously known as the Forty Acres. The area has a long history, dating back to the early thirteenth century when it was owned by the Priory of All Hallows, an Augustinian foundation.

For centuries the park was part of the vast Fitzwilliam Estate until it was inherited by the 11th Earl of Pembroke in 1816. In 1903, the earl gave the site to Pembroke Urban District Council for development as a public park. The park is named after his father, Sidney Herbert (1810-1861).

The famous Dublin International Trades’ Exhibition was held on the site in 1907, housing exhibits from across the British Empire (including a complete Somalian village). The existing duck pond was constructed for the exhibition to house the ‘Canadian Waterchute’, but little else remains of the original buildings. The park was taken over by Dublin Corporation in 1932.

Herbert Park located between Ballsbridge and Donnybrook probably one my favourite part in Dublin and most photographed park during spring season between April and May where the tree blossoms and explodes into gorgeous pink cherry blossom avenue. On Sundays there is a farmers market stalls selling Irish produce and some tasty food stalls too. Check out details at @herbertparkmarket. Go support local business.#supportsmallbusiness #shoplocal #smallbusiness #handmade #shopsmall #eatlocal #foodie #buylocal #food #covid #community #coffee #cherryblossoms  #flowers #nature #pink #photography #cherry  #cherryblossomtree #springtime #cherryblossomseason #naturephotography #travel #photo #lovingdublin #beautifuldublin #dicoverdublin #reopenings #

Herbert Park

They lived and loved and laughed and left-James Joyce

Adore this mural created by @signofpower and @gw.joyce to commemorate the residents of St.Theresa’s Gardens. The last remaining flats will be demolished this year. It’s a James Joyce quote from Finnegan’s Wake. Sponsored by @donorecu and St Theresa’s Regeneration Board. A project supported by @dublincitycouncil #signofpower #gwjoyce #typemural #irishartists #lettringartists #streetart #muralart #globalartists #streetartphotography #igersdublin #igersireland #libertiesdublin #jamesjoyce #ulysses #bloomsday #dublin #literature #bookstagram #ireland #irishliterature #joyce #finneganswake #dowhatliftsyou #discoverdublinart #streetstrolling #praticewhatyoupreach



And it’s easy to stay grounded. The ground is very close. And we walk on it every day’    

Dublin artist 
Big fan of Intercontinental artist, He embraced his natural talent and keen eye using spray paint as his main medium, leaving his mark in Europe, America, and Asia on walls, canvas, sculpture, and various media. He has exhibited in various international solo shows in America, Canada, and Paris. I love his ballerina with the boxing gloves paintings.Its about conquering inner demons and life’s challenges. The boxing gloves represent putting up a fight to conquer life’s obstacles. Previous ballerina boxer paintings were named Life Balancing and I Want to Live ,both were stunning. You can see both mural at @peggykellys ,the larger mural entitled Strong at a huge wall in Athy Co.Kildare. The new addition to his ballerina art is now at the grand canal dock,this hasn’t been name yet. Grounded, comes to mind as it depicted by the pose of the ballerina squatting down and balancing with her gloved hand. You can buy a print format of his work and other merchandise on his website 

Grounded -When people refer to someone as being a grounded person they are referring to someones physical and mental state of being confident and sure of oneself. Being grounded means you have a strong connection with who you are, which brings you physical and emotional balance.

jig khkhu

Earth Day

The earth is what we all have in common. Big fan of @subset wall art work named Climate, this in particular to highlight the effect we have on our environment. At least 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year, and make up 80% of all marine debris from surface waters to deep sea sediments. Marine species ingest or are entangled by plastic debris, which causes severe injuries and deaths.

#plasticpollution #plasticfree #zerowaste #plastic #savetheplanet #ecofriendly #environment #pollution #recycle #singleuseplastic #climatechange #ocean #beachcleanup #sustainability #plasticwaste #breakfreefromplastic #noplastic #plasticfreeoceans #plasticfreeliving #nature #sustainableliving #plasticpollutes #savetheocean #gogreen #reuse #saynotoplastic #reducereuserecycle #zerowasteliving #artistappreciation #subsetdublin #dublinstreetart #lovindublin #dicoverdublin  #streetartphotography #earthday #iphonephotograohy #createdonthate #createdontcontaminate

‘Hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams.” – S.A. Sachs

This mural is a collaboration with @shane_ha and @inkfun in memory of the women institutionalised in the Magdalene Laundries commissioned by the @dublincitycouncil

Tamas Lazar, @23mgraphics a self-taught graffiti artist and muralist originally from Hungary. His vision is to create an art service to people who want a piece of art on their walls. Based in Dublin, and have  been painting commissions since 2013.

He believes art touches the heart and his mission to spread joy and create happiness through his work. 

In the beginning he was practising on a Dublin legal graffiti wall, when people noticed his artwork. They commissioned him to paint an eye-catching mural at their homes and businesses.

He uses acrylic spray-paint for murals and canvases. Markers or brushes only if needed for the fine details.

American graffiti from ‘80-90s strongly influenced him The original hip-hop documentary (“Style Wars”, released in 1983) influenced him towards graffiti, and  he found himself emerged  in the world of graffiti from the late ’90s.

His passion for spray-painting remained, and focus on how he can make people happy with his art. 

As a result @23mgraphics has been commissioned by the Dublin City Council several times and on the Dublin Culture Night in when he painted with other artists. Check his latest work on his IG @23mgraphics 

Rise like phoenix

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