Green Therapy

Gardens can aid in physical, mental and emotional healing in many ways. When we’re wounded in body, mind or spirit, we’re often drawn to the natural world as a place to heal. For some, it’s a walk in the woods or along the shore. For many of us, a garden is our place of healing. Studies have found evidence that being in green, or even being able to look out on a green landscape, is linked with less anxiety and depression, better stress management and many other positive effects. There’s something about feeling the life all around you. When you enter a garden time tends to slow down. Your mind and body relax as you step away from the daily bustle, and you can connect with your spirit. Gardens invite us to drop the constant ‘doing’ and allow ourselves to just be. One of my favourite formal garden in the city is at the @rhk_venue stunning garden well maintained calming and peaceful. So take time deliberately to step away from activity and experience what’s around you.#sundaystroll#greentheraphy#citygarden#formalgarden#greengarden #royalhospitalkilmainham#discoverdublin#mindfulness#calm#peace#landscapephotography#thebrightsideoflife #bekind #makesomeonesmile #lightattheendoftunnel #createnotcontaminate #creatdonthate #staysafe

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