And it’s easy to stay grounded. The ground is very close. And we walk on it every day’    

Dublin artist 
Big fan of Intercontinental artist, He embraced his natural talent and keen eye using spray paint as his main medium, leaving his mark in Europe, America, and Asia on walls, canvas, sculpture, and various media. He has exhibited in various international solo shows in America, Canada, and Paris. I love his ballerina with the boxing gloves paintings.Its about conquering inner demons and life’s challenges. The boxing gloves represent putting up a fight to conquer life’s obstacles. Previous ballerina boxer paintings were named Life Balancing and I Want to Live ,both were stunning. You can see both mural at @peggykellys ,the larger mural entitled Strong at a huge wall in Athy Co.Kildare. The new addition to his ballerina art is now at the grand canal dock,this hasn’t been name yet. Grounded, comes to mind as it depicted by the pose of the ballerina squatting down and balancing with her gloved hand. You can buy a print format of his work and other merchandise on his website 

Grounded -When people refer to someone as being a grounded person they are referring to someones physical and mental state of being confident and sure of oneself. Being grounded means you have a strong connection with who you are, which brings you physical and emotional balance.

jig khkhu
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