‘Hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams.” – S.A. Sachs

This mural is a collaboration with @shane_ha and @inkfun in memory of the women institutionalised in the Magdalene Laundries commissioned by the @dublincitycouncil

Tamas Lazar, @23mgraphics a self-taught graffiti artist and muralist originally from Hungary. His vision is to create an art service to people who want a piece of art on their walls. Based in Dublin, and have  been painting commissions since 2013.

He believes art touches the heart and his mission to spread joy and create happiness through his work. 

In the beginning he was practising on a Dublin legal graffiti wall, when people noticed his artwork. They commissioned him to paint an eye-catching mural at their homes and businesses.

He uses acrylic spray-paint for murals and canvases. Markers or brushes only if needed for the fine details.

American graffiti from ‘80-90s strongly influenced him The original hip-hop documentary (“Style Wars”, released in 1983) influenced him towards graffiti, and  he found himself emerged  in the world of graffiti from the late ’90s.

His passion for spray-painting remained, and focus on how he can make people happy with his art. 

As a result @23mgraphics has been commissioned by the Dublin City Council several times and on the Dublin Culture Night in when he painted with other artists. Check his latest work on his IG @23mgraphics 

Rise like phoenix

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